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QPS - Quality Positioning Services BV 

Huis ter Heideweg 16
3705 LZ Zeist
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 30 694 1200
Website: www.qps.nl

QPS has since 1986, been headquartered in The Netherlands, and is an independent software company with products QPS QINSy, QPS Fledermaus and QPS Qastor. Today, we have subsidiary offices in USA, Canada and UK, plus a global network of regional representatives. In 2011 QPS merged activities with IVS3D so uniting QPS QINSy with QPS Fledermaus. In 2012 QPS became a member of the SAAB (Sweden) group of companies (Security and Defence Solutions). We make industry leading software for collection, post processing and visualisation of maritime survey data and our products seamlessly partner ArcGIS for Maritime, to solve problems and gain efficiencies for maritime geomatic related business.

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Last update: 20 May 2014