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C-Nav UK Regional Office 
C & C Technologies UK Ltd
5 Hilliside Business Park (1st Floor)
Kempson Way
Bury St Edmunds
IP32 7EA
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1284 703800

C-Nav Scotland
Kingspoint House
4 Kingshill Park
Venture Drive
AB32 7FL
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1224 270360

Email: cnav.sale.europe@cnav.com

C-Nav is a dynamic DGNSS Precise Point Positioning service providing worldwide positioning capable of decimetre accuracy. C-Nav offers GNSS systems with a satellite corrections service, inertial navigation systems, QA/QC and GNSS Tides software for coastal, offshore marine survey and DP applications and offers worldwide 24/7 support.

C-Nav offers state-of-the-art DGNSS receivers designed to be used in highly-demanding applications. Each receiver is fully compliant with the latest OGP/IMCA Guidelines for GNSS Positioning in the Oil and Gas Industry QA/QC package.

C-Nav pioneered Precise Point Positioning Service over a decade ago and was one of the first companies to offer the benefits of this service to the survey market. Today, the company offers two completely independent globally corrected GNSS state-space solutions.

C-Nav's latest C-Mariner Inertial Navigation System is based on Honeywell's highly-respected ring laser gyro technology provides an unprecedented level of protection in case of complete GNSS failure during sensitive operations.

C-Tides is the company's latest solution for hydrographers who wish to derive real-time tide information. Equipped with two software applications, C-Tides combines the exceptional real-time accuracy with latest advanced ocean and coastal models delivering mean sea surface (MSS) elevation in real-time or as a post-processing option.

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Last update: 28 July 2014