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Hydro 2016 is now over. Many of the Presentations given at the conference can be downloaded below and the papers can be accessed by clicking on the link.

Hydro 2016, the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies' 24th Hydro conference and exhibition, will take place in Rostock-Warnemünde from 8-10th November 2016. Many will have good memories of Hydro 2010 which was held at the same venue.

Hydro 2016 is being organised by the German Hydrographic Society (DHyG) and the organising committee is almost identical to the one for 2010.

As with all Hydro conferences, Hydro 2016 will feature a three-day conference with leading experts in hydrography, an exhibition of international manufacturers and service providers, scope for on-site practical/boat demos, workshops and application/product training and a full social programme.

The conference programme features a total of 54 presentations in the conference auditorium, together with a range of optional workshops, demonstrations and technical visits. The presentations are arranged in one keynote and fourteen themed sessions - eight of which are offered in four parallel time slots.

Delegate registration is now open, with discounted rates offered to members of all IFHS-member societies and concessions available for students and the retired. An additional Early Bird discount applies to full member/non-member 3-day registrations paid for by 31st July.

All delegate fees include tea/coffee, lunch and access to the Conference, Exhibition, Ice-Breaker and Flying Buffet receptions, plus many user seminars, on-water equipment demonstrations and technical visits.

All delegates must complete the online registration form and bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of full payment.

For more information about Hydro 2016, including travel and accommodation, please visit www.hydro2016.com.



Title and descriptionDownload
PDF documentSession 7A - Paper 1 - Markus Aufleger et al
High resolution topobathymetric LiDAR coastal zone characterisation in Denmark
5336 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 7A - Paper 2 - Patrick Westfield
Analysis and modelling pf the effect of wave patterns on refraction on airborne LiDAR bathymetry
3997 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 7A - Paper 3 - Wilfried Ellmer
Use of laser bathymetry at the German Baltic Sea coast
1483 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 7A - Paper 4 - Lutz Christiansen
New techniques in capturing and modelling of morphological data
2788 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 8A - Paper 1 - Hans Visser
Fugro Marinestar G4 + GNSS PPP-RTK improvements for offshore applications
9634 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 8B - Paper 1 - Jan Appelman
Changing market requirements for competence and certification for the hydrographic surveyor
1246 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 8B - Paper 2 - Nicholas Seube
Standards of competence -new developments and demands
780 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 9A - Paper 3 - Max Abildgaard
Simulation based design and development of autonomous underwater vehicle IMGAM
1279 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 9A - Paper 4 - Wilhelm Weinrebe
Multibeam mapping of remote fjords in south-east Greenland
7269 KbDownload
PDF documentHydro 2016 Programme
279 KbDownload
PDF documentKeynote 2 - John Hughes Clarke
Future perspectives on multibeam backscatter and seabed classification
12413 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 1A - Paper 1 - Robert Ward
General future perspectives of the IHO
1242 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 1A - Presentation 3 - Don Ventura
Intelligent exploitation of the blue economy - a hydrographic perspective
2443 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 2A - Paper 1 - Jean-Guy Nistad
Backscatter adjustment for multi-sector multi-swath multibeam echo sounders
9243 KbDownload
PDF documentPaper 2A - Paper 2 - Mark Gray
RapidCast: Analysis of spation-temporal variability in high resolution speed of sound measurements
6058 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 3A - Paper 3 - Jonathan Beaudoin
Transitioning research to operations: The case of wobble analysis
1300 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 3A - Rozaimi Che Hasan
Determing the number of classes for sediment classification from multibeam backscatter images
1242 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 3A - Paper 4 - Marco Filippone et al
Multibeam water column imaging for charting least depth value
569 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 3B - Paper cHarles de Jongh
Using CARIS to automate bathymetric data management at Rijkwaterstaat
2456 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 3B - Paper 3 - Mark Terlien
Managing hydrographic data for multiple usage
1851 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 4A - Paper 1 - Ingo Hennings et al
Comparison and characteristics of oceanographic in situ measurements and simulations...
2129 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 4A - Paper 3 - Fabian Wolk
Quantifying turbulence in tidal channels
2260 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 4B - Paper 2 - Benjamin Hell
Finalising Baltic Sea surveys for the needs of shipping
6536 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 5A - Paper 2 - Knut Hartmann
Satellite-based bathymetry and seafloor mapping for the shallow water zone...
1628 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 5A - Paper 3 - Pau Gallés
Global bathymetry from satellite altimeter sensor
859 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 5B - Paper 2 - Niels Horneburg
1795 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 5B - Paper 3 - Kevin Ingram
Charts on demand - A potential new revenue stream for hydrographic agencies
2533 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 6A - Paper 2 - Oliver Andrews
The challenge of choosing the right method surveying power cables
783 KbDownload
PDF documentSession 6A - Paper 3 - Jens Wunderlich
Burial depth determination of cables using acoustics -requirements, issues ans strategies
1189 KbDownload
PDF documentHydro 2016 Invitation Presentation
1173 KbDownload

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